Yuarima - Two Men - One Flight

With our scheduled flight cancelled, we were able to respond to a medical evacuation request to the village of Yuarima. The village is nestled in a very steep valley only 10 minutes away by air, but on foot it’s a two day hike along steep terrain from Wamena, Papua, Indonesia.


Reportedly an elderly man was paralysed on his left side and another with an internal sickness. The community had made a very nice helipad for us to land on – the nicest one I’ve been to. After landing we verified we were in the right place and one of the men was brought on a stretcher made from blankets and two wooden poles. The local people were very happy that we could come and assist them. We were able to load them into the helicopter and fly the two patients to the hospital for treatment.


Only with your support are these flights possible – thank you!


Pilot Ben


pilot, helicopter, helimission, papua, cockpit
pilot, helicopter, helimission, papua, cockpit

helicopter, helimission, papua, medevac, patient, stretcher
helicopter, helimission, papua, medevac, patient

helicopter, helimission, papua,medevac, patient
Patients offloaded at the hospital in Wamena, Papua

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