Valuable Enough For An Expensive Helicopter?

Sometimes we can arrange for our entire family to get a ride in the helicopter. That is why we took advantage of the opportunity to visit our friends in a tribe. They live amongst the tribe as the only  family, and they looked forward to our visit immensely! Such a visit is not only encouraging and important for the families; it is also very important for the local people to get to know the pilot’s family.

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Pilot Matthias with the Patients

In relationship-oriented cultures, a visit like this is very valuable. The people see that we trust them, we eat their food and let our children play with their children and wander around the jungle paths. That increases their trust in our aims as well as for flying in the helicopter. Visitors from the surrounding huts and villages stopped by every day to meet us. We also visited some people in the surrounding area and discovered that three men were suffering from severe hernias caused by heavy labor. They were no longer able to tend to their garden plots (their main source of food) located on the steep hillsides. The difficult journey to a doctor (first on foot, then on a motorcycle) on narrow paths was no longer possible for them. We offered to take them to the city in the helicopter, where a doctor we know would do the minor surgery free of charge.


They were somewhat surprised that they were “worth” transporting in the helicopter, even though they were not suffering from any life-threatening injury.


We are thankful that, because of your valuable support, we could tell these people “Yes, you are worth it!” We want to and can help anyone who needs help, thanks to all of our benefactors!

Kind regards from Lisa G, wife of pilot Matthias

Gardens in the steep Mountains
Gardens in the steep Mountains

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