Synergies through collaberation

In the last 20 years we have provided helicopter assistance for disaster relief, on average, once a year. To optimize the aid we provide, we work together with other relief organizations.


We have been using these synergies from the very beginning when Helimission was founded in 1972 by Ernie Tanner. You may ask why we work together with other relief organizations like “Doctors without borders”, MAF, UNHCR, THW, OXFAM etc.? The answer is simple. To increase our efficiency and use the resources we have at our disposal to help as many needy people as possible.


The Helimission Foundation applies this to principal to its daily work. For example, we supply whole tribes with medical aid until others organizations like MAF can take over with fixed wing aircraft which are cheaper to fly. We then use this base to fly to other unreached areas. MAF transports the kerosene we need to the base so that we can do our work. If we had to do this all on our own, we would have to build a lot of new stations ourselves, and the amount of kerosene needed would increase our costs and slow down our progress considerably.

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