Serving Two Organizations Simultaneously

In the inaccessible and remote locations of the eastern rainforest, any birth complication can turn into a matter of life and death very quickly. FOAT is an organization which trains midwives and runs clinics in areas where no doctors are available. They work very closely with the local pastors and bring hope to thousands of pregnant ladies.

”Wycliff-Seed & Co” concentrates on translating portions of the Bible into the dialects spoken most on the island. Some dialects differ so much from the Malagasy language, that the official Malagasy Bible translation is largely misunderstood and incomprehensible to many inhabitants. 

As these projects are active in the same area, we can arrange to serve both or-ganizations in one trip. This saves lengthy flyovers. On our mission with FOAT, we were able to bring the bible translators a much needed generator. This time we flew to the villages of Androrangavola-Tsienta, Ambohimanga-Atsimo and Ampitabe, a region mostly inhabited by the Betsimisaraka tribe. It is always nice to be able to combine flights for various organizations and make the most of our flight time. Thank you for all your support which makes these flights possible.

Chris N, Pilot

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