Would you like to work with Helimission as a mechanic with a pilot's license? Or are you one already, and would like to make an application? Here are our requirements for mechanics/pilots:


Important: Helimission itself does not train mechanics and pilots !


General requirements


  • a desire to be used by the Lord in reaching the unreached - the CALL comes first
  • a born again Christian
  • attitude of being content and grateful
  • willing to learn another language
  • responsibility for your own support (no salary paid by Helimission)
  • 4 month's Bible school at Elim Bible Institute


Mechanic with a pilot's license (CPL)

min. 500 hrs. in helicopter with at least 100 hrs. in turbine

mechanic's license with at least 3 years of maintenance experience.



mechanic's license plus the necessary experience as a mechanic (3 - 4 years).


Pilot (CPL) with a lot of experience but without a mechanic's license:

Each case will be looked at individually and evaluated in a personal interview.


Other requirements

Willingness to change location during your training often

Willingness to live in another culture and to adjust accordingly

Willingness to have lower living standards than in your homeland

Willingness to work on the field under the leadership of the agency



For further information, application forms or requests about another job in Helimission, please contact our personnel manager Juerg Gammenthaler.


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