Refugee Crisis In Albania 20 Years Ago

In January 1999, fighting in the Kosovo conflict flared up again causing a wave of 500’000 to 1’000’000 refugees. Many fled to the north of Albania where Helimission transported trailers to one of the large SOS camps. These were then built together to make an SOS medical center.


The trailers, as well as relief supplies, were transported by trucks from Switzerland. The relief supplies were distributed to the needy. We also provided financial support to other aid organizations and churches who were helping in the crisis. The trailers were later transported to Kosovo for further use.


medical centers, container, albania, helimission
containers ready for transport
mountain road, albania, helimission
Mountain roads in Albania
medical container, sos, helimission, albania
SOS medical center built from containers
truck, relief supplies, helimission, albania, mountains
- One of the Helimission trucks loaded with relief supplies

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