Pulling Teeth Can Be A Relief

On one Monday morning, I started from the international airport Ivato at Antananarivo, Madagascar for a short flight to pick up Sedera and his team. I was able to land directly in front of his house. After that, we continued into the rain forest.


That week, we were to visit as many villages as possible that he had not visited for some years. It was a very full and rewarding time. We visited two or three villages each day.


Setra, who specializes in tooth treatments in the bush, accompanied us as he often does. You can hardly imagine what kind of pain these people have to endure because there is no one around who can extract teeth, and certainly not anyone who can repair them. Therefore, the best solution is usually to extract the rotting and inflamed teeth. Setra often worked late into the night, also offering medical help. It goes without saying that Sedera did not miss any opportunity to pass on at least a brief Gospel message in every village.


We were very thankful for the good weather the entire week. Flying in the rainforest can become challenging very quickly when the weather is bad.


Nick, pilot


Sedera with family
Sedera with family
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Pulling teeth outside is entertainment
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Medical examination

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