"Photo Inside His Foot"

My son Ezekiel was riding his bike and had a nasty fall. His knee and foot were ripped up pretty badly. He was tough but a little pale. My husband Matthias treated his injury, cut off the dangling skin and cleaned his wounds. But then Ezekiel’s foot started to swell and turn purple. After a few days, we thought we should get an X-ray done, just in case.


So, Ezekiel and I caught a becak (bicycle taxi) down to the hospital and walked in with absolutely no idea what to do and no knowledge of medical terms in Indonesian. I did not even know what an X-ray was called, so I called it a “photo inside his foot”😂. We eventually figured it all out ..... go to this window to register, go to another building to pay, sit and wait outside this door for a doctor, go to radiology, go to this window to register, go to another building to pay, get the X-ray, go to another section to collect it, then go back to the window to register to see the doctor again. Wow!


While we were waiting for the doctor, everyone in the waiting rooms suddenly ran outside and so Ezekiel and I curiously followed. We then heard what the cause of this sudden and complete evacuation was.....it was my husband Matthias flying in the helicopter with a patient. We had no idea he was coming, and he was just as surprised to see us there!


Although a trip to the hospital in a third world country may seem overwhelming to some, we had an amazing experience. When we did not understand, someone was there to patiently explain; when we got lost navigating the buildings, a Papuan man who was following us helped us find the way. I was also pretty proud to see my husband Matthias fly in, and I was happy to survive a steep language learning curve! But mainly I love the way the locals support and bless us. We are happy to report Ezekiel’s foot had no fracture and has now healed up fine!


Vasanthy, wife of Pilot Matthias


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