Out Of Sight - But Not Out Of Mind

A while ago I spent a week with our local co-worker Abed in the remote “Bird’s Head” area in West-Papua, Indonesia. Wasior is a small fishing town in the Wondama district.


The local church had invited us to come by helicopter and support them for a few days. The four team members are a deeply committed troop and heavily involved in this district.


I flew five separate teams of pastors into these villages for services and a baptism. I was very touched that 27 people, mostly young adults, were being baptized. It took us only 25 minutes to fly to these villages, whereas on foot it would have been a difficult, tiring journey of 3 or 4 days with very little baggage. I am impressed that people still undertake such journeys without a helicopter. This shows how important it is for them, and that comfort and convenience aren’t their main concern.


Their servants’ hearts are also evidenced by other missions of the GKI church. Teachers and medical teams are flown into a village for four months, making it possible for children to be taught in school. Then the team is switched. This holds out a ray of hope for the future of the young generation by providing them with an education. I was given a warm welcome by the grateful school children as I brought new educational material for them.


Many other flights bring opportunities for vaccinations and treating the sick.


Micha, Pilot


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new school books arriving in Oyaa

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