Motorcycle Accident

A friend, who is building an orphanage in the southeast of the island, called our base. Someone had had a serious motorcycle accident. He had received some initial emergency medical care, but any further surgery would have to be done in the capital city, Antananarivo, and the wounded man would not survive the three-day journey by road.


We prepared the helicopter for the Medevac and left early in the morning. After two hours we reached Vohipeno. The relief of 2 hours in the helicopter compared to a three-day drive, including one day on a bumpy dirt track, sounds good to anyone, let alone someone who is seriously injured!


Our friend supplied us with a barrel of fuel to refuel, and an ambulance brought the patient to the heli. The man could no longer breathe through his mouth, so a cannula had been put into his throat. After we had secured the injured person with the necessary equipment in the heli, we set off without delay to the capital city where another ambulance was already waiting to drive the man to the hospital.


Four months later our friend gave me a photo of the patient. You can still see the scars, but he's doing fine again. What a privilege to be able to carry out such life-saving flights! A huge thank you goes to all the supporters of Helimission who make such missions possible!


Chris, pilot




madagascar, helicopter, helimission, patient, doctor, medical evacuation
patient made ready for heli transport
madagascar, helicopter, helimission, patient, ambulance, stretcher, medical evacuation
transfer from helicopter to ambulance in Antananarivo

madagascar, helicopter, helimission, medical evacuation
patient in heliopter, ready for transport
madagascar, helicopter, helimission, ambulance, pilot, fuel drum, medical evacuation
fueling before take off
madagascar, helimission, medical evacuation, healed patient
healed patient

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