Joyful Mission In Amapa

Our representatives in Brazil were asked if we as Helimission could help out with a mission. Due to the heavy rainfall, the regular supply flights could not be carried out with small airplanes, because the ground of the grass landing strip was too soft. The airplane’s wheels would have sunk into the ground on landing and have been torn off.


The team consisted of doctors, a dentist, pastors and well-drilling specialists. Our representative was able to hire a helicopter (R66) in Belem which was flown the owner’s daughter. In the end they donated 10 hours of flying for free!


brazil, waiampi
waiampi village in the middle of the jungle
brazil, waiampi, oral hygine
oral hygiene instructions
brazil, waiampi, doctor, consultation, patient
consultaion with Dr. Raquel
brazil, waiampi, drilling equipment drinking water
drilling equipment for drinking water for the waiampi
brazil, waiampi, oranl cleaning sets
oral cleaning sets were distributed

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