Medical Aid For The Village Chief

Bevero is a small village about 6 miles north of Befosa, just a few minutes by helicopter. This region is located in the middle of the “red zone” where crime and cattle thief activity is widespread.


During our mission to Befosa we received a medevac request from Bevero: the village chief had taken ill and needed to be evacuated. We had not been to that village for a long time. Immediately we flew there with Dr. Justin who diagnosed and treated the patient very quickly, so that he did not need to be evacuated. Pastor Martin took the opportunity to preach to the villagers who had gathered in the shade of a village hut. We plan to visit Bevero regularly from now on.


Christophe, Pilot


helimission, medical aid, village chief, madagascar
helimission, medical aid, team, madagascar
helimission, medical aid, doctor, madagascar

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