Medical Operations

Medical Operations · 01/24/2019
With our scheduled flight cancelled, we were able to respond to a medical evacuation request to the village of Yuarima. The village is nestled in a very steep valley only 10 minutes away by air, but on foot it’s a two day hike along steep terrain from Wamena, Papua, Indonesia.

Medical Operations · 12/19/2018
Our representatives in Brazil were asked if we as Helimission could help out with a mission. Due to the heavy rainfall, the regular supply flights could not be carried out with small airplanes, because the ground of the grass landing strip was too soft. The airplane’s wheels would have sunk into the ground on landing and have been torn off.

Medical Operations · 12/13/2018
When we are asked to do a medical evacuation, the report often says the person is “sick on the inside” which could be anything. We never know what state the patient will be in. Usually the person is very sick.

Medical Operations · 11/19/2018
Bevero is a small village about 6 miles north of Befosa, just a few minutes by helicopter. This region is located in the middle of the “red zone” where crime and cattle thief activity is widespread.

Medical Operations · 11/08/2018
Last time we reported about the boy called Bianus who had broken shin bones with an open wound on the calf that became badly infected. There was a strong risk of the bones also becoming infected. The doctors in Wamena were unable to do anything more to help him, so he needed to be flown to a bigger hospital on the coast. However, they needed permission from his father for this.

Medical Operations · 10/31/2018
Recently I was asked by the wife of one of our pilots, if I could visit a patient in the hospital. According to the story we heard, two people had been killed in an accident while chopping wood. Bianus, our patient, had tried to come to their aid and was seriously injured in the process.

Medical Operations · 08/16/2018
A medical evacuation (often shortened to “medevac”) is the evacuation of a sick or injured person from precarious or difficult to reach areas. According to Wikipedia, the first medical transport by air was recorded in Serbia in 1915 during the First World War. Today, more than 100 years later, Helimission (since 1971) carries out medevacs on a regular basis in countries where no other assistance is available for the patients.

Medical Operations · 06/14/2018
Dr. Justin regularly supports trips to the regions of Begara and Befosa. After a one hour flight, we landed in a village for the planned three day mission to the western part of the country. We have a fuel depot there and also loaded the drinking water we needed for the three days.

Medical Operations · 04/19/2018
Sometimes we can arrange for our entire family to get a ride in the helicopter. That is why we took advantage of the opportunity to visit our friends in a tribe.

Medical Operations · 03/23/2018
I entered the hangar early in the morning just as we received a call for a Medevac. A young man was complaining of strong stomach pain and required immediate help.