Helicopter · 09/19/2019
The team of mechanics at Helimission in Madagascar is led by a diligent Malagasy. He is supported by expats as well as other Malagasy people.

Helicopter · 05/16/2019
A while ago, the long wait for our two “new” helicopters was over. They finally landed at our base here in Wamena. The process of importing the helicopters duty free took a very long time.

Helicopter · 01/17/2019
Ten years ago I was working in Samedan, near St Moritz in Switzerland, for a helicopter company, preparing myself to work with Helimission in the future. There, I assisted with the 12-year inspection of the helicopter HB-ZHM (“Hotel Mike”), which Helimission had made available for disaster operations.

Helicopter · 01/10/2019
Helicopters have a built-in nut which has a crucial function. It holds the main rotor to the mast of the helicopter. The slang term commonly used is the “Jesus Nut”; the technical name is the “main rotor retaining nut”. If this were to fail in flight, it would have catastrophic consequences!

Helicopter · 09/27/2018
About 1.5 hours flight east of Palu, we minister to a team and the people of the Saluan tribe. A few months ago, on seeing medical equipment, a man took fright and fled into the rain forest where he disappeared.

Helicopter · 08/29/2018
Exactly 20 years ago in 1998, following a severe drought in Papua, the government asked us to provide aid to the people living in the mountains. Together with the Australian government, Doctors without Borders and MAF, many tons of food and medicine were distributed.

Helicopter · 03/20/2018
After being stuck in Malaysia for some time, at the beginning of the year we could fly our two A-Star Ecureuil helicopters over to Papua. Now they have been released from customs