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General News · 10/24/2019
Our family have been living abroad in Madagascar for almost twelve years. When we arrived our daughters Andie and Caro were 6½ and 3 years old respectively. Some of our family and friends told us that it was not reasonable, and even irresponsible, for us to go to such a place with very young children and to expose them to such drastic changes.

General News · 10/10/2019
One issue of the glossy Heli magazine "HELICO" published a report by our pilot and mechanic Nick Däpp.

General News · 07/31/2019
In Switzerland, preparations for celebrating the national holiday are in full swing! It commemorates the “Letter of Alliance” signed by Switzerland’s three original cantons in 1291.

General News · 07/11/2019
A tasty recipe to try!

General News · 06/27/2019
The young man is the youngest son of the witch doctor in the village on Madagascar. His father had wanted to pass on his entire “power” to him and install him as his successor, but in the meantime, the son become a Christian and rejected this “inheritance”.

General News · 06/13/2019
We are delighted to see how very young “sponsors” are supporting the work of Helimission.

General News · 05/30/2019
We often read reports in the newsletter about flights and the people who were helped. None of this would be possible without all the administrative work that goes on in the background.

General News · 05/23/2019
Madagascar has a unique fauna. Some animal species are native only to the island of Madagascar.

General News · 05/09/2019
Luciano from the neighbouring island La Réunion has been working in different regions of Madagascar for many years. He regularly visits villages in the north. In most of the locations, he has trained local workers. Unfortunately, he was unable to do so in the past few months. He recently heard of problems he needed to resolve.

General News · 04/11/2019
Recently, in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, a huge branch fell from a neighbor’s tree onto a car parked beside it. Our pilot and his friend were standing just one meter away when it happened!

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