Different countries, different customs

The Mursi people live in the remote valleys of southern Ethiopia. The Mursi women decorate their bodies not only with body paint, but with painful decorative scars and lip plates.

There are no limits to imagination when it comes to what people wear on their heads! In Papua, Indonesia, many unique and elaborate examples can be found.

The Mursi tribe in Ethiopia is partly nomad and nourish itself partly from the blood and milk of cows. The Mursi inflict a precise bow and arrow injury to the artery of the cow's throat so they can drink the blood immediately.

Years ago, while Ernie Tanner worked in the Omo Valley (Valley of Death) in Ethiopia, men of the Bodi Tribe crossed the Omo River and attacked the Kafa Tribe. They killed 450 people and stole approximately 3,000 cows, sheep and goats. They devastated one village after another.

From 1976 until 2007 Helimission had a station in Kitale, Kenya. From there they flew numerous missions with the helicopter to the Turkana people in the Northwest of the country. They flew doctors and nurses into these difficult to reach areas and held many mobile bush clinics.

The people from the Pokot tribe in Kenya often suffer from eye diseases. Even young children go blind. Their eyes are painfully infected, and their eyelids are encrusted with dried up pus. These eye infections are transmitted by flies and by unwashed hands.