Development Aid

Development Aid · 07/25/2019
A 4-day walk to school - or your own school building? The children of Maruma, in the upper Kora valley in Papua, rejoiced when a schoolhouse was built for them in their own village!

Development Aid · 06/20/2019
A Sunday school class in Switzerland presented us with money for needy children in Papua. We asked Enius, who runs a children's home with his wife, what they needed most - good educational toys to help them learn.

Development Aid · 04/04/2018
In the inaccessible and remote locations of the eastern rainforest, any birth complication can turn into a matter of life and death very quickly. FOAT is an organization which trains midwives and runs clinics in areas where no doctors are available. They work very closely with the local pastors and bring hope to thousands of pregnant ladies.