Helicopter · 05/16/2019
A while ago, the long wait for our two “new” helicopters was over. They finally landed at our base here in Wamena. The process of importing the helicopters duty free took a very long time.

General News · 05/09/2019
Luciano from the neighbouring island La Réunion has been working in different regions of Madagascar for many years. He regularly visits villages in the north. In most of the locations, he has trained local workers. Unfortunately, he was unable to do so in the past few months. He recently heard of problems he needed to resolve.

There are no limits to imagination when it comes to what people wear on their heads! In Papua, Indonesia, many unique and elaborate examples can be found.

Disasters · 04/25/2019
The president of the German relief organization “International Search and Rescue” (I.S.A.R) thanked Helimission for their support and assistance following the earthquake on island Sulawesi in Indonesia.

The Mursi tribe in Ethiopia is partly nomad and nourish itself partly from the blood and milk of cows. The Mursi inflict a precise bow and arrow injury to the artery of the cow's throat so they can drink the blood immediately.

General News · 04/11/2019
Recently, in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, a huge branch fell from a neighbor’s tree onto a car parked beside it. Our pilot and his friend were standing just one meter away when it happened!

General News · 04/04/2019
A while ago I spent a week with our local co-worker Abed in the remote “Bird’s Head” area in West-Papua, Indonesia. Wasior is a small fishing town in the Wondama district.

Years ago, while Ernie Tanner worked in the Omo Valley (Valley of Death) in Ethiopia, men of the Bodi Tribe crossed the Omo River and attacked the Kafa Tribe. They killed 450 people and stole approximately 3,000 cows, sheep and goats. They devastated one village after another.

Disasters · 03/21/2019
Torrential rains caused flash flooding on the evening of Saturday, March 16th, 2019, in the town of Sentani. Sentani is situated near the provincial capital of Jayapura in the Indonesian province of Papua. At least 90 people were killed and many injured, with many more now homeless.

General News · 03/14/2019
On the 19th of November 2018, we reported that we flew Dr. Justin into the village of Bevero where he treated the village chief who was sick. The villagers and the teacher were very pleased that we came, and they were happy to show it!

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