Medical Operations · 11/19/2018
Bevero is a small village about 6 miles north of Befosa, just a few minutes by helicopter. This region is located in the middle of the “red zone” where crime and cattle thief activity is widespread.

The people from the Pokot tribe in Kenya often suffer from eye diseases. Even young children go blind. Their eyes are painfully infected, and their eyelids are encrusted with dried up pus. These eye infections are transmitted by flies and by unwashed hands.

Medical Operations · 11/08/2018
Last time we reported about the boy called Bianus who had broken shin bones with an open wound on the calf that became badly infected. There was a strong risk of the bones also becoming infected. The doctors in Wamena were unable to do anything more to help him, so he needed to be flown to a bigger hospital on the coast. However, they needed permission from his father for this.

Disasters · 11/05/2018
Following a devastating tsunami and earthquake on the island of Sulawesi, there have been hundrets of people killed and thousands lost everything they had. Together with MAF and Ethnos 360 Aviation, Helimission could bring medical supplies, food, clean water, doctors and medical staff to various areas.

Medical Operations · 10/31/2018
Recently I was asked by the wife of one of our pilots, if I could visit a patient in the hospital. According to the story we heard, two people had been killed in an accident while chopping wood. Bianus, our patient, had tried to come to their aid and was seriously injured in the process.

General News · 10/25/2018
Sometimes we have to do flights we really don’t want to do. One morning as I was about to start the day’s flying, the chief pilot of a partner organisation came to me. He told me that one of their small airplanes had come off the runway during landing in a remote village and was now bent up and stuck in the ditch.

General News · 10/18/2018
Helimission’s aim is to bring social, medical and humanitarian help to people in remote and inaccessible areas. Helimission is non-denominational and helps those in need without consideration of their religious affiliation.

Disasters · 10/10/2018
Following a devastating tsunami and earthquake on the island of Sulawesi, authorities have already reported that more and more people have been killed.

Helicopter · 09/27/2018
About 1.5 hours flight east of Palu, we minister to a team and the people of the Saluan tribe. A few months ago, on seeing medical equipment, a man took fright and fled into the rain forest where he disappeared.

History · 09/19/2018
In the years 1997/ 1998, the weather phenomenon El Niño caused a lot of suffering and need. Among the countries which were affected was also Papua (then known as Irian Jaya) the easternmost province of Indonesia. This island is the most untouched jungle region in Asia Pacific. Roughly 3,2 million people live in an area which is almost the size of the State of Montana in the States. Some of them are still living in stone age conditions with cannibalism still a part or their culture.

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