Development Aid · 10/31/2019
My first flight, after my family and I moved to Sulawesi, took me into the middle of the Wana tribe area in central Sulawesi. I was supposed to take two ladies from our base in Palu to the new bush village, Uewaju. In addition, I was to bring lots of food, building material… and two more teachers from Toronggo, a little town 10 minutes flight from Uewaju.

General News · 10/24/2019
Our family have been living abroad in Madagascar for almost twelve years. When we arrived our daughters Andie and Caro were 6½ and 3 years old respectively. Some of our family and friends told us that it was not reasonable, and even irresponsible, for us to go to such a place with very young children and to expose them to such drastic changes.

History · 10/17/2019
Finally, the day to "break camp" had come. The 7-day trek on the “Gorilla Trail”, through the unknown and unexplored jungle of South Cameroon, was about to start. The luggage was ready and waiting in front of the house where they had had to wait for a permit. That had taken a couple of days.

General News · 10/10/2019
One issue of the glossy Heli magazine "HELICO" published a report by our pilot and mechanic Nick Däpp.

One day, as one of our staff was on his way home, he was stopped with his motorbike in front of the police station and was getting ready to present his documents.

History · 09/26/2019
At the end of the 1960s, Ernie Tanner was interested in southern Cameroon’s vast rain forest area near the equator. Here, on the outskirts of civilization, it was suspected that some Pygmy villages existed: In reality however, many more isolated and unrecognized people actually lived there.

Helicopter · 09/19/2019
The team of mechanics at Helimission in Madagascar is led by a diligent Malagasy. He is supported by expats as well as other Malagasy people.

There are no limits to imagination when it comes to what people wear on their heads! In Papua, Indonesia, many unique and elaborate examples can be found.

History · 09/05/2019
Experienced by Ernie Tanner during his early years in Ethiopia: During my work in the Omo Valley (Valley of Death), men of the Bodi Tribe crossed the Omo River and attacked the Kafa Tribe. They killed 450 people and stole approximately 3,000 cows, sheep and goats. They devastated one village after another.

Medical Operations · 08/29/2019
We got a Medevac call for an elderly man with a serious neck injury who needed to be flown to the hospital. His village, Lokon, is only about 10 minutes flight from our base here in Wamena. At the time, I wasn’t doing solo flights, so Micha and I got the helicopter ready and flew to Lokon.

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