The Mursi people live in the remote valleys of southern Ethiopia. The Mursi women decorate their bodies not only with body paint, but with painful decorative scars and lip plates.

General News · 07/11/2019
A tasty recipe to try!

Medical Operations · 07/04/2019
It is not unusual for us to receive several flight requests for so called Medevacs (Medical Evacuation Flights) following the weekend. I sort and prioritize the requests according to urgency and try to put together as efficient a flight program as possible for the next day.
General News · 06/27/2019
The young man is the youngest son of the witch doctor in the village on Madagascar. His father had wanted to pass on his entire “power” to him and install him as his successor, but in the meantime, the son become a Christian and rejected this “inheritance”.

Development Aid · 06/20/2019
A Sunday school class in Switzerland presented us with money for needy children in Papua. We asked Enius, who runs a children's home with his wife, what they needed most - good educational toys to help them learn.

General News · 06/13/2019
We are delighted to see how very young “sponsors” are supporting the work of Helimission.

Medical Operations · 06/06/2019
Recently, there was a medical evacuation of a lady who was very sick just up the valley in Papua, Indonesia. Usually the weather in the afternoons is challenging, but we were able to carry out this flight.

General News · 05/30/2019
We often read reports in the newsletter about flights and the people who were helped. None of this would be possible without all the administrative work that goes on in the background.

General News · 05/23/2019
Madagascar has a unique fauna. Some animal species are native only to the island of Madagascar.

Helicopter · 05/16/2019
A while ago, the long wait for our two “new” helicopters was over. They finally landed at our base here in Wamena. The process of importing the helicopters duty free took a very long time.

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