Measles Epidemic In Madagascar

According to the media, the recent outbreak of measles has already caused over 1200 deaths. Madagascar is facing an unprecedented measles epidemic. By March 2019, over 115,000 cases had been recorded.


On a recent mission with a French missionary and a doctor, we flew to four villages. While Dr. Justin held his "bush clinic", the missionary preached to the interested audience. As we approached Begara, we immediately noticed that the fields were not cultivated and the long grass on our landing site was not cut. We managed to find another place to land the helicopter safely. We were told that two people had recently died from measles and that many more were sick. In order to receive healthcare, these sick people would have to walk for several days, so Dr. Justin treated over 90 patients, mostly for measles, but also a couple of cases of malnutrition.


Sick people were also treated in many other villages. One of them was a former cattle thief (dahalo) who came because of a gunshot wound and experienced God’s love as he was treated by Dr. Justin.


Ross, Pilot


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