What is Helimission?

The Helimission Foundation was founded by Ernie and Hedi Tanner in 1971 as a nonprofit relief organization. We are registered as a tax free charitable foundation in Herisau, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland. Our headquarters are situated in Trogen, Switzerland.


Ernie Tanner has been president of Helimission since it’s foundation in 1971. In 2002 his son, Simon Tanner, took over as CEO.


The Helimission Foundation employs pilots and mechanics, office and various other personnel. Currently we have employees from twelve different countries. Where possible, Helimission likes to employ local workers in order to provide them with an income.


We have branches in Germany, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Brazil and Australia. We run permanent bases in Madagascar and Indonesia (Papua and Sulawesi). From these base stations we work closely with governments, relief, and other organizations.


Currently our fleet consists of 9 helicopters (3 Bell and 6 Airbus helicopters). The distance we have flown since the beginning in 1971 is equivalent to flying round the globe more than 100 times!


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    Lisa Dinnocenzi (Friday, 03 August 2018 11:59)

    Hello Simon, Brikena, Ernie & Hedi!! Pray your family is well.