Always Prepared

What does “Always prepared” have to do with a Hangar being upgraded?

Our central parts depot, which stores helicopter spare parts, needed to be updated to meet the new requirements of the civil aviation authorities. The depot is a lockable contained space in the hangar, containing only helicopter parts. It is fitted with a temperature and humidity gauge.


Currently the Helimission foundation maintains three stations and owns a total of nine helicopters. For the helicopters to remain airworthy, it is important that the necessary spare parts are readily available when needed as quickly as possible. It is not possible for every station to have all the necessary spare parts in stock, therefore it is important for us to keep a well-stocked central parts depot in Trogen with all the necessary spare parts for our helicopters. Some parts have a use by date and must be replaced by a certain date whether the helicopter has flown a lot or not at all. Other parts are replaced after they have been in use for a set length of time.


An exact, clearly arranged and tidy stock management is essential so that orders from the field can be dealt with as quickly as possible, and no unneeded parts are just lying around. An airworthy helicopter is ready to save people in need, and is essential for personnel in the bush who are totally dependent on our helicopters for their supplies.


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