Follow That Helicopter!

About 1.5 hours flight east of Palu, we minister to a team and the people of the Saluan tribe. A few months ago, on seeing medical equipment, a man took fright and fled into the rain forest where he disappeared.


He ran for days through the jungle as though in a trance, and when he came to his senses again he was completely disoriented, and totally lost. Without his machete he could find very little food and was soon very weak. Just as he was beginning to climb a tree in order to get some idea of where he was, our helicopter flew over his head. Knowing where the helicopter always lands, he now knew which direction to take. Some of his fellow tribesmen found him shortly afterwards and brought him home, very weak but alive, to his family who were overjoyed to see him again. The probability of surviving so long alone in the jungle is close to zero, something the Saluan know only too well. This is a miracle and we are very happy that God used the helicopter in such an unusual way to save yet another human life.


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