Finally Operational!

A while ago, the long wait for our two “new” helicopters was over. They finally landed at our base here in Wamena. The process of importing the helicopters duty free took a very long time.


Helicopter maintenance is carried out based on the hours flown, but it is also determined by calendar time. We focused on getting HCR up and flying as it had the least amount of maintenance due. The Ecureuil HCG, a B2 (more powerful) needed more maintenance and so had to wait a bit longer. As well as this maintenance work, we needed to keep the other helicopters operational so that we could continue to provide our daily flight service. Every hour of flight requires three hours of maintenance by our mechanics because the administrative work has increased enormously.


To get HCG up and running we asked our headquarters in Switzerland for help. They sent us Beat who was a big help in getting the helicopter operational.


Matt, Pilot


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Beat and Abed at work

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