Visiting (Ex) Cattle Thieves

 Dr. Justin regularly supports trips to the regions of Begara and Befosa. After a one hour flight, we landed in a village for the planned three day mission to the western part of the country. We have a fuel depot there and also loaded the drinking water we needed for the three days.


Soon afterwards, a girl who was around seven years old was brought to us suffering from an enormous facial tumor. After a brief consultation, Dr. Justin told us that we should pray for the girl and her mother. He could not help her anymore as the tumor was far too advanced. This affected me very deeply because I have a six-year-old daughter myself. Unfortunately, the medical possibilities in Madagascar are very limited, so that not everyone who is ill can be helped.


The visits to the two other villages were a bit more pleasant. The villages used to be full of cattle thieves. The inhabitants are very grateful for all sorts of outreaches. Dr. Justin was able to help many patients, amongst them two boys. The doctor had to remove a bullet from each of them. When we asked where they had received those wounds, we were told “They were cattle thieves.” It is very difficult to distinguish between active and former cattle thieves. At any rate, it is Jesus who came to this earth for everyone, and he wants them all to be reached and saved by the good news – whether they are cattle thieves or not.


Nick D., Pilot


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Doctor's surgery with the helicopter
madagascar, tumor, medical, girl
Girl with facial tumor

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