Only Bridge by air for Pioneer Missionaries

One of our jobs here is the support of pioneer missionaries in remote areas only reachable by helicopter. That means they depend totally on the helicopter for food, medicine, emergencies and all the equipment they need to live there, translate the Bible and teach the tribes to read and write.


One of these families who live in the village of a remote tribe often have to leave their tribe to renew their Visas. Recently I flew them to a little nearby aerodrome. From there they got picked up by a small plane which took them on to the coast.


This time I was shortly before the return flight. On the outgoing way I took a patient back to Burukmakot, a village nearby, and took some local pastors back to their villages and picked up a patient there. When I arrived at the nearby aerodrome , the MAF plane with the mentioned family was already on its final approach. For the flight their luggage needed to be weighed and sorted into loads. With two flights, we flew the whole family, their large German Shepard dog and all their luggage quickly and efficiently to their isolated home. I went back to refuel and flew one more pastor to a nearby village and then back to our home base. Thanks to the good weather, I could get all the work done and also make it back home to my family.



Matthias W., Pilot

(Text revised)

helimission, madagascar, airbridge
helimission, malagasi, madagascar

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