Bianus’ Long Way Back To Health

Last time we reported about the boy called Bianus who had broken shin bones with an open wound on the calf that became badly infected. There was a strong risk of the bones also becoming infected. The doctors in Wamena were unable to do anything more to help him, so he needed to be flown to a bigger hospital on the coast. However, they needed permission from his father for this.


It took well over a month to persuade Bianus’ father that his son really could be helped more in the bigger hospital. Various people helped, translating the information from the doctors into the local language, collecting all the medical records and giving the information to the father. It was guaranteed that all the costs for the transport to the coast would be covered. Then the father finally gave his permission, to the great relief of Bianus himself and all the junior doctors who couldn’t do any more for him. The orthopaedic surgeon had already been away from Wamena for a long time.


It was our mechanic’s wife’s girlfriend who made it possible by bringing all these people together and never tiring in her efforts on behalf of the boy. It wasn’t at all surprising that her husband, who works for the Catholic Flying Mission AMA, “just happened” to have room in his plane for Bianus.


Bianus had to have surgery several times in the hospital on the coast. Evidently, it was possible to cure or halt the bone infection so that this is no longer a danger. Now the bones need to mend properly and are being monitored monthly. The aim is “to walk without crutches”.




helimission, medical evacuation, patient, papua
helimission, medical evacuation, patient, papua

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