Working Behind The Scenes - Sending The Newsletter

Have you ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes and the number of steps it takes until our newsletter is in your hands ready to read? In the countries we serve, our staff face new challenges every day: they have many interesting, beautiful, encouraging, but also sad, tragic and difficult experiences that they need to process. In a monthly report they send their news to Headquarters in Trogen…


...here we collect the information, edit it appropriately for the newsletter, and together with the relevant pictures put it together in a report. The articles are prepared for printing with a layout program, then they are edited, corrected and print proofed before being brought to the printing press. The address sheets for the newsletter are printed and folded here in HQ; envelopes are ordered. We have a pool of helpers who we ask to come and help put the newsletter and the address sheets into the envelopes on the day of mailing. The newsletter is translated into English and French.


Finally, the day of mailing arrives. Around 20 helpers assist us to put around 20’000 newsletters into envelopes. Refreshments are also provided. Around 70 crates are filled for the post who collect them ready for sending. Three months later the whole process is repeated!


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