Beginnings are difficult

This was also the case with Helimission! Back in the 60s, Ernie Tanner tramped for days through the African jungle. With carriers and interpreters, he entered these unpenetrated jungles of Southern Cameroon and Congo Brazzaville. He experienced the monumental exertions of this work first hand.


In the news he heard about how indispensable helicopters were in the Vietnam War. He thought “why are helicopters not used for helping people in need?,” and this became his desire.


The vision soon became reality. At the age of 43 he learned to fly a helicopter, and in 1972, with just 37 hours of flying experience, he flew his first enormous flight in a small piston helicopter from Switzerland to Cameroon. Helimission was born.


helimission, helicopter, ernie tanner, refueling
Ernie Tanner refueling the helicopter during his first spectacular flight over the Sahara in 1972
helimission, ernie tanner, gorilla path
Ernie Tanner walking through the African jungle for days in 1969

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