Another Life Saved

I entered the hangar early in the morning just as we received a call for a Medevac. A young man was complaining of strong stomach pain and required immediate help.

It did not take long to prepare the helicopter for take-off and load the stretcher. Rasul, our hangar manager, accompanied me. We landed in Woontovu after an hour-long flight. The man was brought to the helicopter by his friends, who laid him directly onto the stretcher. The pain was so bad that his eyes were full of tears. When we arrived in Palu, he was immediately shifted to a car and driven to the nearest hospital. It turned out that he had a gall bladder infection and kidney stones.

Woontovu can only be reached by boat across a river. The nearest settlement is several hours away. From there, it takes ten to twelve hours by car to get to Palu. It is questionable whether the man would have survived this journey. It is wonderful to be able to help the people here, which would not be possible without your generous donations.

Matthias, Pilot

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