A Family Visit To The Bush

Luciano from the neighbouring island La Réunion has been working in different regions of Madagascar for many years. He regularly visits villages in the north. In most of the locations, he has trained local workers. Unfortunately, he was unable to do so in the past few months. He recently heard of problems he needed to resolve.


Instead of hiking for several days in difficult terrain, you can travel to places by helicopter within minutes. This way, we were able to visit eight villages within two days. Because we were flying only Luciano and his interpreter, my entire family was able to come along. I was very happy that they could see and experience themselves what it is like to live “in the bush”. Our children enjoyed playing with the village children. They were impressed by the very simple lives these people lead.


Pastor Luciano encouraged the villagers to continue to remain faithful and to trust in God. The children not only enjoyed playing, but also learning a Malagasi song. We spent the night in the helicopter and in a small tent set up next to it. After a wonderful and intensive time, we returned home after two days. Everyone was happy to shower and sleep in their own bed.


Nick, pilot and mechanic


madagascar, helimission, helicopter, bush
interested listeners
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Luciano with interpreter
madagascar, helimission, bush, people, hat
Nicks wife and daughter trying to communicate with the locals
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The only transportation in this region

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