From Hunter To Hunted

Late in the morning we received an emergency call from Seniblu in the Yahukimo area. A woman had been attacked by a wild boar and urgently needed medical help. Since weather conditions had already worsened by that time, I decided to postpone the flight until the next morning.


At 06:12 a.m. the following day, I took off with PK-HCY, one of our AS-350 Ecureuil helicopters, for a 30-minute flight. The weather was excellent and the conditions couldn't be better. I took the opportunity to transport another patient back to a nearby village called Sindama. I let the passengers disembark without stopping the engine and immediately set off for Seniblu. There the patient Gamse and her companions were already waiting for me. Gamse, who was wrapped in a woolen blanket, was lifted into the helicopter, then I loaded the luggage.


Hunters had been tracking a wild boar when Gamse, who was not even involved in the hunt, got in the way. It was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I felt very sorry for her. How quickly things can change, when someone goes from hunter to hunted or becomes an innocent victim.


Gamse's chances of recovery were very high, as the wounds were not yet infected. Without “help from above”, things could have turned out very differently. Such flights to help people in need are very dear to my heart - they are an excellent chance to serving with selfless love.


Pilot Micha


indonesia, papua, wild boar, bite, broken finger
Broken finger from a wild boar bite
indonesia, papua, helicopter, woman, bite wound, leg
Gamse with bite wounds on her leg
indonesia, papua, helicopter, patient
Gamse with a companion in the helicopter

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