WE Want The Foreigners!

 At the beginning of March, our pilot flew a team into a very remote tribal area in West Papua. Two families want to move there to learn the culture, language, teach the people to read and write, and to translate the Word of God into the tribal language. This people group should also get the chance to learn about what the Son of God has done for them.


The first step is to decide exactly where this station should be located. There should be a site to build a runway for small airplanes as close as possible, so that in the long term they are not dependent on the helicopter which is much more expensive. In addition, the local people have to give their consent. As a translator, we took along a Pastor from the neighboring village who speaks Indonesian. Soon a big discussion broke out. One group wanted both families to move to one place, the other group wanted the team to live in their village. The people hope that the foreigners will bring material benefits. While they were discussing, our pilot picked up the team and flew them in. This 8 minute flight saved them a grueling two day journey on foot!


After a good night’s sleep in the helicopter, our pilot flew them all back to a place where a small MAF airplane was waiting to take them back to the coast …. (to be continued)


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